Artists,  Outdoor exhibition Lambertville NJ and New Hope Pennsylvania

Opening Reception: Saturday, October 13 7:00 PM

September 17 - October 13 2018, 

Gallery hours:  Public Art on view

Email: Gallerygarygiordano@gmail.com

Curator Statement :Returning to Lambertville from a six year stay in New York City, I began to reflect on the evolving conversations amongst artists, how they communicate their ideas and in what venues they present their works. For the last several hundred years, capitalization has defined the venues for the artist.  The power was authoritarian, controlled by dealers, critics, gallery owners, and institutions. The venues represented places the art work was commoditized, and the viewer was positioned as a consumer.

 Recently being part of a community of thousands of artists, I experienced a shift in the landscape. Artists were becoming more pluralistic. They were curating and operating their own spaces.  Thus, work was no longer from a capitalistic perspective and the artists found themselves in control of how their work was presented and compared to other efforts in the community. Positioning the public as receivers of ideas and an experience rather than as consumers.  

 My goal for this exhibition “Outside the White Cube,” is to create an installation through alternative spaces by taking the work outside of the traditional gallery or intuitional environment.  Doing this, I hope to remove the preconceived ideas from the past and the agendas of dealers and gallerists, wherein the Artist work can be displayed and experienced by the public outside the boundaries of the commercial approach. 

Featured Artists; Gabriel Molina, Mark Pullin, Siriom Singh, Martha Wirkijowski, Gordon Haas, Lauren Johnson, Darren McMannus, Cayley Plutnick, Claudia Ekel, James Castelli, Scott Biener, Erika Rachel, Lauren McManus, Gary Giordano, David Ohlerking, Nancy Loyd, Jessie Krause, Johshua Lance, Myles Cavanaugh, Jim Steen, Roy Rienard, Collette Sexton, Sam Tippett